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Automated software testing plays a vital role in many software development and web application projects. Test automation for modern GUI software is very challenging. This course focuses on the HP automation tool QTP (Quick Test Professional). Creating automation scripts with the tool using advanced features like Actions, Library files, Data Driven Tests, Descriptive programming, Exception Handling and understand the different frameworks available for QTP.



Knowledge in VB script / any scripting is a added advantage.



Introduction to Automation testing

  • Need of Automation.
  • Introducing various tools and functionalities.
  • Difference between manual testing and
  • Automation testing.
  • Introduction to QTP tool and discussion on various versions of QTP

Testing Process of QTP

  • Understanding the Test Process of QTP
  • Discussion on the various components of QTP
  • Window like test pane, Test details pane,
  • Active screen, Data table, Information and
  • Discussion on the keyword view and Expert view.
  • Understanding different toolbars and window
Implementation GUI and Bitmap Regression Test
  • Understanding the Add-in manager.
  • Working with Automation Record and Run setting
  • Working with File settings.
  • Working with Tools options
Creating Test Scenarios / Components
  • Creating a basic script.
  • Understand diff recording modes of QTP
  • (Normal, Analog, Low-Level).
  • Understanding Test object, Run Object,
  • Pre Learning and Auto Learning.
  • Understanding how QTP identifies the objects
  • (Mandatory & Assistive properties).
  • Working with Object Repository
  • (Shared and Per-Action).
  • Working with Object Repository Manager.
  • Associating Objects Repositories to Actions of QTP
  • Working with Object Spy
  • Understanding the basic structure of QTP script
Understanding the need of checkpoints in Automation
  • Working on various checkpoints available in QTP
  • Understanding the need of output values in
  • Automation.
  • Working on various output values available in QTP
  • Understanding the Environment Variables /
  • Global Variables.
  • Working on both inbuilt and Userdefined Variables
Action in QTP
  • Introduction to Actions in QTP advantages of Actions.
  • Creating New actions, Split actions.
  • Working on reusability of Actions with call to
  • existing and call to copy options.
Functions, Procedures and Classes (Library Files)
  • Automation Testing.
  • Creating Local and Global functions in QTP
  • Working with Library Files of QTP
  • Creating user defined classes, methods and objects in QTP
  • Understanding how a function returns the value in QTP

Parameterization / Data Driven Test

  • Introduction to parameterization.
  • Creating a Parameterized script (Data Driven Test)
  • Working on different methods of Data Table object
  • Working on different ways of parameterizing an object in QTP

File Operations in QTP

  • Reading from, Writing to external files like
  • Text files, Excel files.
  • Working with XML util object.
  • Performing various operations on XML files using QTP

Advanced Options

  • Descriptive programming.
  • Exception Handling / Recovery scenario Manager.
  • Smart Identification, Configuration of object Identification.
  • Database connection using ADODB objects.


Weekday Training schedule: Monday to Friday 10:00AM CST – 3:30PM CST
Weekday Training Duration: 1 week

Weekend Training schedule: Saturday and Sunday 10:00AM CST – 3:30PM CST
Weekend Training Duration: 3 weeks

Total Hrs of Training: ~40hrs (excluding homework)

NOTE: Take home homework is worth extra 20hrs.


Please click on the below link for the start date


Instructor led classroom training : $1600.00

Live online training : $800.00

Video based training : $500.00

(Individual, group and corporate discount available.). Please talk to the counselor about discounts.

Payment Methods

  • By Check
  • By Credit Card


Please complete your personal and credit card (cc) details in the enrollment form to register for the training. Also, this is just a registration process, the actual fee will be charged only after first half day of class.

Although you provide us with the cc details during registration, you can choose to pay by check or cc on the first day of the training.

Email the completed enrollment form to Please talk to your respective counselor for any questions.


In-Class Training Location:

  • 220 Robert Street S, #100
    Saint Paul,  MN-55107.

Live Online Training also available.


  • Unlimited Training as many times as you want, till your confident enough to face interviews with in a year.
  • Complete refund of training fee 2 months after the candidates secures a project while working with us.
  • Course completion certificate will be provided.
  • Free Lab access for 3-4 weeks.
  • Weekday Morning, evening and Weekend training sessions available.
  • New facility with labs and remote access.
  • Just tool access available for 3 months. Call on 651-222-9922 for more information.
  • Free career counseling based on your education and industry experience.
  • Instructor led Training.
  • Lab exercises, assignments, projects for each session.
  • Training available in live online or classroom training.
  • * Instructor support provided after training.
  • Training material constantly updated to remain competitive
  • * On Job and interview support.
  • * Case Studies of our clients in various popular domain – client specific training
  • Industry experienced instructors, to give you Real Time solutions.
  • Full assistance in Placement.
  • * On-going support for at least a year after your training.
  • Lifetime of notes, tools and other necessary material.
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