Available Systems

1. Database/Backend Testing
2. .Net Development and testing
3. ETL Development and Testing (Informatica and Datastage)
4. SAP EC3 Enterprise Version ***
5. OBIEE / Siebel Development and Testing
6. Hadoop Development and Testing
7. Business Object – Report Development and Testing

***Details of SAP EC3:
If system you looking for is not available in the list of the systems below, we haveit under Dedicated Service. For Dedicated Service information please click on the link Corporate BASIS Services.

Name Description
CRM 7.0 AITE CRM 7.0 AITE system build on NW7.01 with Java – Newest SAP CRM system.
SRM 7.0 with MDM Catalog Newest version of SRM – SRM 7.0 with JAVA applications and MDM-Catalog. This is premium subscription system. If you need to purchase backend ECC system to work with it,please purchase separate ECC account access to system E75 server EC7SERVER5.
Name Description
ECC 6.0 AITE ECC 6.0 AITE based on NW2004s with all modules like MM, SD, FI (new GL ), CO, QM, PP, PM, HR, WM, ABAP, workflow. Web dynpro working, Adobe Lifecycle working.
ECC 6.03 AITE With Portals 7.0 Enh pack 3  This ECC 6.03 AITE system comes with client 800 connected with Portals and other clients with no Portals. Enh Pack 3 SAP AITE delivered and Adobe working in every client. IF YOU WANT TO ORDER THIS SYSTEM PLEASE SELECT DETAILED SUBSCRIPTION METHOD TO SELECT YOUR CLIENT!
ECC 6.04 AITE Enhancement pack 4 with Portals 7.01 Latest version of SAP ERP – ECC 6.04 Enhancement pack 4 is available with Java add-on Portals 7.01
ECC 6.0 AITE For BASIS and Security with SAP_ALL  ECC 6.0 AITE SR2 system for BASIS and Security access with no restrictions in user profile. Please be aware: account sharing is prohibited and will NOT be tolerated, will result in account locking with no money refunded. System has a high risk of being re-installed frequently. Please use for Security and BASIS related purposes ONLY.
IS Retail 6.0 AITE  IS Retail 6.0 AITE based on ECC 6.0 is an Idustry Solution for Retail AITE system.
IS Oil and GAS 6.0 AITE  IS Solution for Oil and Gas AITE 6.0.
IS Defense and Security 6.0 AITE  Industry Solution for Defense and Security based on ECC 6.0 AITE system.
IS Apparel and Footware AFS 6.0 AITE  Industry Solution for Apparel and Footwear AFS 6.0 AITE.
BI 7.0/SEM 6.0  BW 7.0 with BI 7.0 based on NW2004S with SEM 6.0. Connected to any ECC or R/3 system for Bundle package. All servers have JAVA and PORTALS 7.0 installed and connected. BEx working, all functionality 100% working!
CRM 2007 AITE  CRM 2007 AITE System.
PI 7.1  PI 7.1 system NEW Process Integration (PI) on NW 7.1. All adapters working. NEW RWB, SLD, etc.
SCM 2007 AITE  SCM 2007 AITE system with all 3 livecache databases working
Solution Manager 7.01 Enh pack 1 with Portals  Newest Solution MAnager 7.01 with enhancement pack 1 and Portals (Java)
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