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Web Applications with ASP.NET MVC Course

Learn to develop dynamic Web applications on the platform Microsoft ASP.NET MVC with practical course “Web Applications with ASP.NET MVC”.

Once acquainted with the development of websites with ASP.NET Web Forms, we suggest you look at the advantages of the model for Software Architecture Model-View-Controller (MVC). It separates consumers’ access to certain information from its presentation and allows for reuse of code and unit testing.

Will explore in depth with MVC pattern, the principles for working with data as validation, code first and scaffolding. In Advanced Topics will look at unit testing, test-driven development, security, setup and monitoring of ASP.NET MVC applications. Will look at ways of introducing AJAX and SignalR code will capture the most recent changes in MVC5 and best practices for development and testing. At the end of the course will create from scratch advanced applications using the latest web standards.


What You will learn ?

What you will learn from the course "Web Applications with ASP.NET MVC" ?

The course focuses on web technology and web programming with the .NET platform. You will acquire the necessary knowledge to-build dynamic ASP.NET MVC web applications with databases to test and improve their security. During the training you will learn:
•    generate clean and easy to maintain code using MVC architecture
•    to develop Web applications with MVC, which are characterized by high reliability and scalability
•    to perform validation of input data
•    to work with techniques to access data such as scaffolding and data pattern
•    create applications that require authentication and user segmentation of roles
•    mediate communication between server and client part in real time by using libraries SignalR and AJAX
•    to develop complete applications following the latest web standards

Course Content

Detail Course Content

  • Introduction to OOPs concepts – Basics of object oriented programming like classes, objects, access modifiers, data types etc.
    Introduction to .net framework – What is .net, CLR and class library
  • Introduction to Asp. net, C# and Visual
  • Sample C# example and command line compilation
  • Controls – Basic html tags, Use of controls from HYPERLINK “” toolkit like dropdown, button control
  • User controls and Custom Controls
  • Validating User input – Use of HYPERLINK “” validation controls
  • Intro to – Overview of System. Data namespace and Data access techniques
  • Databound controls and DataBinding using Gridview
  • The Page Object Model – Page class, its properties, methods and events
  • Configuration and state management – web.config, app.config files, maintaining Client and server state using View State, Application, Session and Cache
  • CSS, themes and Master pages – How to apply themes, styles, Css and use of Master pages
  • Site Navigation and data access – Insight into site-map, site- structure and site navigation
  • Handlers, Modules and IIS – Insight into HttpApplication object, Http handlers and http modules
  • Webparts – What are webparts, their usage
  • Providers – Various data providers and the classes available for data binding
  • Security– The security infrastructure and subsystem relationships of the HYPERLINK “http://ASP.NET” ASP.NET and the sequence of events that occur when authentication is sought.
  • .Net Webservices, Remoting – Overview of advanced .net features like webservices, remoting and the scenarios they are used in.
  • Ajax– What is Ajax, why use Ajax and overview of HYPERLINK “”
  • Debugging – Using the Visual studio debugger,
  • Deployment – app.config, web.config

LinQ, Wcf, Wpf, WWf overview – Difference in .net 2.0/3.5 and new features of .net 3.5, Insight into what is WPF, WCF, WWF and Linq

Revision and Class Performance Analysis

Final Lab project to create a .net application to get Hands on practical experience on all of the above Project Presentation by candidates

  • Domain Knowledge
  • Mock Interview practice
  • Resume preparation help
Start Date & Schedule

Start Date & Scedule

Start date

Click on the below link for the current start date


Weekday Training schedule: and Sunday 10:00AM CST – 3:30PM CST
Weekday Training Duration: 3 week

Total Hrs of Training: ~40hrs (excluding homework)

NOTE: Take home homework is worth extra 20hrs.

Fees & Registration

Fees & Registration

Fee Details

  • Instructor led classroom training : $1600.00
  • Live online training : $800.00
  • Video based training : $500.00

(Individual, group and corporate discount available.).
Please talk to the counselor about discounts.

Payment Methods

By Check
By Credit Card


Please complete your personal and credit card (cc) details in the enrollment form to register for the training. Also, this is just a registration process, the actual fee will be charged only after first half day of class.

Although you provide us with the cc details during registration, you can choose to pay by check or cc on the first day of the training.

Email the completed enrollment form to . Please talk to your respective counselor for any questions.


In-Class Training Location:

7900, International Dr, Suite 35
Bloomington, MN – 55425.

Live Online Training also available.

Why study with us?

  • Unlimited Training as many times as you want, till your confident enough to face interviews.
  • Complete refund of training fee 2 months after the candidates secures a project while working with us.
  • Course completion certificate will be provided.
  • Free Lab access for 3-4 weeks.
  • Weekday Morning, evening and Weekend training sessions available.
  • New facility with labs and remote access.
  • Just tool access available for 3 months. Call on 651-222-9922 for more information.
  • Free career counseling based on your education and industry experience.
  • Instructor led Training.
  • Lab exercises, assignments, projects for each session.
  • Training available in live online or classroom training.
  • * Instructor support provided after training.
  • Training material constantly updated to remain competitive
  • * On Job and interview support.
  • * Case Studies of our clients in various popular domain – client specific training
  • Industry experienced instructors, to give you Real Time solutions.
  • Full assistance in Placement.
  • * On-going support for at least a year after your training.
  • Lifetime of notes, tools and other necessary material.
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