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1 Web Page Basics XHTML & CSS 6 Hrs
  • Introducing XHTML
    • XHTML Editors
    • Formatting documents/ images/ forms
  • File Transfer Protocol
    • Using an ftp tool to transfer your .html files to a server
  • StyleRules and Stylesheets
JavaScript Functions and Objects
  • Summary of JavaScript
  • Using functions to handle events
  • Methods in JavaScript
2 PHP 5.3 Crash Course 5 Hrs
  • PHP Basics
    • PHP Basic Syntax
    • Variables and Variable Scope
    • Constants
    • Operators
    • Flow Control
  • Using Files and Arrays
    • File processing Basics
    • Array operators
    • Looping through arrays
    • Multidimensional arrays
    • Sorting arrays
  • String Manipulation and Functions
    • Operations on Strings
    • Passing input to the function
3 PHP 5.3 Crash Course Continued 5Hrs
  • Object-oriented PHP
    • Creating classes, attributes and operations
    • Encapsulation, Inheritance, Polymorphism
  • Using session control in PHP
    • Using sessions
    • Starting, registering and destroying sessions
    • Setting and using a cookie
  • Handling email in PHP
  • PHP and HTML Forms
    • Create Forms
    • Validating numbers
    • String Manipulation
  • Regular Expressions
    • Regular Expression Syntax
4 Database Management Systems using MySQL 5.4 and E-Commerce and Web Security 6 Hrs
  • Database Management Systems using MySQL 5.4
    • Simple SELECTs, Subqueries, Joins and Unions
    • Inserting, updating and deleting records
  • Setting and closing database connection
    • Querying the database
    • Web Database Architecture
  • E-Commerce and Web Security
    • Authentication with PHP and MySQL
  • Protocols TCP/IP HTTP
5 Introduction to PEAR, AJAX, Ruby on rail 6 Hrs
    • Advantages and Disadvantages of PEAR DB
      • Why use a database abstraction layer?
      • When not to use a database abstraction layer?
    • Why use a database abstraction layer?
    • When not to use a database abstraction layer?
    • Using PEAR DB
  • Introduction to XML, AJAX, SOAP
  • Introduction to Ruby on Rail
6 Introduction to DreamWeaver CS4 and MVC Framework (Zend, CakePHP, Symfony, CodeIgniter)(Anyone of the framework will be covered) 6Hrs
  • Case Studies and Labs sessions
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